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Minty the Blue whale is seeking adventure! From New Zealand to New York, across the oceans of the world. Join Minty as he travels from sea to city. A whale tale about following your dreams, having the courage to do the right thing and saving our precious oceans.

About the Author…

Claudia and Camila met in Auckland New Zealand. Before ‘Minty’ had been created this story had already begun with a big adventure. Author Claudia Gibb, at eight years of age wrote her life goals down and second on the list after becoming a movie star, was to live in New York City! At 18 she reached her goal, leaving Auckland to attend college in New York. Meanwhile in South America Camila was drawing the world around her in her home town of Bogota, Colombia. While drawing her dreams, she kept one dream close to her heart, to go to New Zealand. This dream came true when she arrived in New Zealand for a year and started an internship at a small art studio in Auckland. This is where Claudia and Camila met while working, painting and creating at the studio. One day Claudia and Camila decided to create something that would inspire children around the world to go after their dreams, while learning about saving the oceans. Together they created ‘Minty Wants To Go to New York City’. Two girls from around the world have come together to create a story about kindness, doing the right thing and finding adventure.


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