Hi, I’m Tina, the owner of So Beau Baby.

After three years as a stay at home mum to three little ones, and with a background in commercial interiors and project management, I decided a change in career direction was needed, and took over the reins of this incredible brand. I love good design, originality, quality, and kids, so So Beau Baby was the perfect fit!

I am super proud to be supporting, sourcing and stocking beautiful brands created by like-minded people, and I hope to continue bringing you the very best in ethical, eco-friendly and fun children’s (and parents’) products from NZ and around the globe!

A little bit about us..

The three rulers of our little busting-at-the-seams 30’s bungalow are Tess, our 6 year old artistic and dramatic negotiator, Harry, our 3 year old comedian with the best banter, and Finn, our cool and cruisy 2 year old who is going to eat us out of house and home.

Pre-kids we loved intrepid travel, overnight hikes, music, running events and good food, wine and coffee. These days we enjoy intrepid parenting and sleep deprivation. But still all of the coffee. And all of the wine. Definitely all of the coffee. And all of the wine.

I am CEO, COO, Creative Director, order packer, cleaner, the juggling and sometimes struggling Mum! He is the behind-the-scenes husband – CFO, Chief spreadsheet doer, and keeping my purchasing of the super awesome products for So Beau Baby in line – or at least trying to! But let’s face it, I still make the final decision, because happy wife happy life amiright?

Happy shopping, and if you’re in the neighborhood – pop by the store and say Hi! xx

About Us
About Us
About Us

Meet the Rest of the Team

About Us

Manager & social media marketer

Sarah is mum to one, Teddy, and is obsessed with all things fashion and interior design, especially when it’s baby related! She is the face behind our fabulous photos and our social media accounts and you can also find her in store on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays – she can’t wait to meet you all! Follow Sarah and Teddy on instagram @sarahmayjefferson

About Us

Store TEAM

Cailin has been with us from the opening of our first store in Devonport. Having previously worked for a big Children’s retail brand for a number of years, Cailin has a genuine love for customer service and providing people with the most value possible. She hopes to one day be a strong voice for women, have her own family, and keep growing in her love for people! You can find her in store on Saturdays!