Hi, I’m Becks the ‘mothership’ and founder of So Beau Baby – Baby Boutiques Online. Having moved to NZ from the UK at the end of 2013 I decided a bit of a career overhaul was needed and this was the perfect time to do it. So with a passion for fashion and little people So Beau Baby was born.  My mission, to bring our lovely customers only the best designers in children’s fashion and decor from around the world, brands whose focus is on quality, style and also ethical production.  I’m continually on the hunt for the next ‘hot’ brand or trend that I know our customers will love (yes I love my job!).

As a working mum I know first hand how hard it is juggling parenthood with running a business and making your mark on the world as a woman and not just a mum. I can’t begin to tell you how many tears have been shed, blood and sweat that has been poured, guilt and fear that has been felt whilst creating and running SBB and this is why I am proud and honoured to support and stock so many brands created by like-minded women and mums making their ‘mark’ and doing it with style!

About Us

Meet the Rest of the Team

About Us

Store Team

Sarah is mum to one, Teddy, and she is obsessed with all things fashion and interior design, especially when its baby related! She is the face behindour fabulous photos and our instagram account, and you can also find her in store on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, she can’t wait to meet you all! Follow Sarah and Teddy on instagram @sarahmayjefferson

About Us

Online magazine editor

Mum of two to Leo & Summer. Tess is Instagram and baby clothing obsessed, surviving each day from coffee to coffee!. She is our amazing So Beau Baby magazine editor, and if you’re lucky you might catch her doing the occasional shift in store! You can follow Tess on instagram at @littlelifestylenz

About Us

Store TEAM

Cailin has been with us from the opening of our first store in Devonport. Having previously worked for a big Children’s retail brand for a number of years, Cailin has a genuine love for customer service and providing people with the most value possible. She hopes to one day be a strong voice for women, have her own family, and keep growing in her love for people! You can find her in store on Saturdays!