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Meet The Maker – Tiba + Marl

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Meet the amazing makers of our loved Tiba + Marl Bags Anna Tizard & Lydia Barron. Kick ass Mums and the very clever creators of the AWARD WINNING baby bags.

How did you come about naming your business?

The name is an amalgamation of initials and letter that are important to us, from our maiden names and our children and husbands names. We wanted to create a strong name that didn’t sound too babyish and is also contemporary sounding. We always had it in our minds that one day we may want to expand the range further than just changing bags and wanted the name to be able to carry other product categories should we need it to! I guess it’s a mix of us being a bit sentimental but also being a bit savvy with our long term ideas for the brand!!

What was your inspiration behind starting Tiba + Marl?

It came about mainly as a result of our lives and personal style adapting after having babies. Lydia and I have known each other for years – and have worked together before as Buyer and Designer – but it’s only when we had kids and were lamenting how there were no bags out on the market that we felt met our needs stylistically as well as practically that we suddenly realized that we should just create it ourselves! We were both ready to move away from full time work and non-stop travel (little did we know what we were swapping it for!!) and we both took advantage of our maternity leaves to create our brand and make it happen.

Who is an inspiration to you?

Working long hours and balancing family life, we have to make sure we can find inspiration as liberally as possible, in sometimes unexpected locations – we saw an amazing vintage Chanel backpack in Hamburg airport that inspired our Elwood backpack. We keep our eyes peeled wherever we go –  even if its locally where we live in London – checking out what people are wearing, reading, listening to. Like anyone interested in trends and popular culture we subscribe to the usual magazines, blogs and of course are all over the catwalk shows for new inspirations and influences.

We love Pernille Teisbaek’s style – so cool, boysy – love how she mixes labels such as Vetements, Ganni and Adidas.  At the moment we’re loving images of Kate Moss in the nineties – sheer slips, Adidas gazelles and cigarettes. And we’re obsessed with Rihanna, Kate Bosworths and Chloe Sevignys style

Describe Tiba + Marl style? 

With both of us coming from a retail background – having collectively worked for brands such as Urban Outfitters, Sigersson Morrison and the likes of high-street giants Topshop and Kurt Geiger – we are both obsessed with fashion, and scouring shows, blogs and street style is in our blood. We both love sports-wear inspired, androgynous style – which I think comes through in our collections, and we find designing bags that are naturally unisex comes easily to us probably because of that athleisure/casual influence.  We love super technical, yet lux, fabrications and clever design details, and considered branding – this comes from looking at brands such as Off White, Nike, Palace, Adidas, Stussy, Acne etc- as well as designers like Balanciaga, Marc Jacobs, Commes Des Garcons.

Do you have a favourite product?

We can’t choose!! Our bags are our other children 😉 and we obviously have our pick of which bags we use, which can be handy if we’re going on a few nights away and can take a Raf weekender, or for a day out with kids where we’ll always grab a backpack so we can be hands free. Our youngest are now just both out of nappies, but we’ll always use a T+M bag – they are just so practical – and I don’t think I’d ever cram all my belongings into a tiny bag! But having said that we are launching a pretty wicked bumbag in January and we’ve both been test driving them – and loving how cool they look, plus they are really handy – just wear them cross body and it’s really easy to assess phone/ wallet/ keys etc. Bumbags are def a huge emerging trend over here in the UK, and of course we wanted to be first to market with a really sleek, wearable version.

What’s your favourite part about your job?

We love coming to our studio and working on the whole creative process of developing new product, brainstorming new ideas and bringing projects to fruition. We had a good couple of years when we first started out where we had to work late into the night, and had limited childcare and were just really exhausted. We feel we are now enjoying the rewards from putting in that hard work, and have now amassed up a really loyal and inspiring team around us who take the edge of the pressures of running a busy business! We love being out and seeing people wearing their bags (Mums AND Dads!) and always get a buzz from spotting T+M bags out and about, especially in unexpected places.

What do you have planned for the future of Tiba + Marl

We just want to keep building the brand – and make it better and better!  We are excited be launching with American super brand Shopbop this AW – spreading the T+M word over the other side of the atlantic! We love collaborating with other brands and have continued collections launching exclusively with Selfridges, next up we’d love to work with up and coming artists and graphic designers to create new amazing prints. We’d love to shoot a look book on location, somewhere like Berlin or Antwerp. We never stop thinking of new ideas/ products/ colabs/ angles – and it’s just finding the time to make it all happen!


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